I am from Cyprus (EU member state) not vat registered person and i bought a classic car from UK which has still American title with uk importer's personal name. The importer's company (UK vat registered) paid vat and duty on the car to the UK customs from his company as i see from NOVA but never registered the car in uk. he then sold it to another guy without transfering the title and that guy sold it to me. Now the customs in cyprus want me to pay vat. why is that ? can i avoid this taxation? also can i move legally against the above?(title jumping, not registering the car in uk etc)
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If you're importing a second-hand vehicle, you will not pay VAT since it has already been paid in the country where you are importing the vehicle from (if any EU country including the UK).

However, you may need to get a local VAT expert to get more information on Cyprus VAT.
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