I hope someone can help me out m thanks!
Client has purchased a few computers on finance lease for £5,800 including VAT.  Lease rentals are £204 per month plus VAT.  I understand that with finance lease, VAT is reclaimed monthly on rentals.  What happens to the VAT on the cost of the computers?

Dr Asset     £4,936-17 (exc VAT)

Cr Lease Creditor   £5,800-00

Dr ?????   £863-83 (VAT)


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Hi there

The issue of VAT on finance leases is now slightly complicated than in the past years. Firstly the VAT treatment of a lease is not affected by the accounting treatment which follows accounting standards. Secondly following the Mercedes-Benz
Financial Services UK Ltd case (Case C-164/16), it is a requirement to look at the what the leasing contract says in terms of ownership of the computers. 
This article can help you in making the correct decision:
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