Can I register for VAT if I do not to make taxable supplies in the UK but my business is established in UK? My suppliers in UK charge me VAT and I also receive supplies from EU who treat these supplies under reverse charge mechanism. I would like to register for VAT and recover the input tax. Is there any way around this?Many thanks.
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Please this link:

You can register voluntarily and claim input VAT as long as you meet these conditions:
• they have a business establishment or usual place of residence in the UK, and
• they receive taxable supplies from UK VAT-registered businesses, for which they are entitled to recover input tax, or
• they receive taxable supplies from another Member State which are subject to the reverse charge, or
• they import goods into the UK, for which they are entitled to recover input tax.
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victor rainbow123
What are you using to manage your VAT obligations. There are some useful software to help you manage your VAT obligations and one which will even tell you when you are hitting a threshold of an EU country. If you sell Cross Border then your VAT % will be different.
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